On the morning of Tuesday the 30th of January 1996, a day like any other, Gino Gallagher was gunned down in the Social Security office on Belfast’s Falls Road. His death left a gaping hole in the lives of those he left behind.

Family members have recounted in recent years, the lack of accessibility of photographs of Gino beyond the more frequently shared items, and a growing interest in material more generally. For Gino’s children, much of what they know of their father was learned in later years, and huge gaps still remain.

Announced today, on the 25th Anniversary of Gino’s death, this website will serve as a growing archive when formally launched. In time, it is hoped that it will include rare and sought after photographs, insights into family, Gino’s political leanings, his short written pieces, notes and more.

ginogallagher.org is dedicated to those resilient women who picked up the pieces and did their absolute best amidst turbulent times; his mother Theresa, partner Margaret, sister Saoirse, and his daughters Seána and Jade.