RUC attack funeral of Gino Gallagher

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INLA shoot dead three UVF members on Shankill ROad, Belfast

INLA volunteers shot dead three UVF volunteers (Trevor King, Colin Craig, David Hamilton) in a gun attack on Shankill Road, Belfast right outside the UVF’s GHQ. Trevor King the UVF’s Belfast Commander died a week later in hospital and Hamilton & Craig were killed instantly and one man was also injured.

It is understood that Gino Gallagher played a central role in this operation.

INLA Army Council order the killing of Hugh Torney

“The INLA kill Hugh Torney in September 1996. Torney began an INLA feud in January 1996 when he shot dead the then INLA Chief of Staff Gino Gallagher in January 1996. Torney’s death was the last killing in the feud.”

Funeral of INLA Leader Gino Gallagher

Includes footage of INLA shooting at RUC officers home in Tyrone.

INLA Guard of Honour salute Gino Gallagher

Contains other footage of a sensitive nature, including the scenes of attack and other events during this period.