The following five downloadable PDF documents feature a digitised reproduction of five notebooks used by Gino whilst held in Maghaberry Gaol from the mid 80’s to the early 90’s. The notebooks were used for some classwork including history, science and other things that interested Gino but developed then to include the reproduction of theoretical documents, texts and books which seemingly had an importance for him.

Additionally, it has sizeable notes on books he had read and quoted from, as well as reviews of same. Included are a number of debates and discussion documents conducted via letter with other prisoners and people or organisations on the outside, as well as letters he had sent but subsequently noted or reproduced because he felt it included something of importance.

As the notebooks develop, it is clear that Gino wanted to retain certain notes, knowledge and guidance for use when released, particularly on party political development, guerrilla warfare and survival techniques.

Readers are urged not to expect abundant theoretical notes from Gino. Though these notebooks do offer an interest and an insight into the thought process that he engaged in.

All efforts to reduce file sizes have been made whilst also maintaining image quality.